Find a Mentor
Finding a Mentor
Career guidance to help you

Career Guidance

A career mentor can take you places

Feel like you’re stuck in a career rut? Not quite sure where you’re headed? Or know where you want to be but just can’t get there fast enough?

Having a career mentor can help you navigate and steer the ship in the right direction.


The Importance

Why Mentoring Matters

From the gender pay gap to the motherhood penalty, women still face real challenges in the workplace.

However, women have never been more determined to get ahead, and researchers have identified three key factors that can help them do just that:

  1. Transparency and trust in the workplace
  2. Support networks and advocacy
  3. A reimagined version of work-life balance and flexibility.


Why Attempt to Reinvent the Wheel?

Reach Out to Fast-Track your Success

83% of women believe support and mentoring to develop leadership skills is one of the key factors in facilitating career progress. But only 54% of women have access to the right mentors.

There’s a clear gap – but we can help you reach out and find the support you need.


TMI Empowers Women

A Platform for Leadership and Success

Our online career mentoring platform matches you with a mentor who can help you gain clarity, face challenges and takes strides towards finding your very own version of career success.

You’ll then receive ongoing support to navigate the path ahead, with access to a range of career-boosting (and life-changing) tools, programs and people.

The Mentees
And what they have to say