About TMI
The Mentor Institute
There's a mentoring gap, and it's stopping many women from growing, flourishing and succeeding in their careers.
Helping Women
Our online mentoring platform matches women looking to grow their career with those whose experience, accomplishments, insight and support can help.
TMI Philosophy
We nurture the mentor and mentee relationships, because we all know career leaders and rising stars can both benefit from the connection opportunities.
Our Mission
Helping women reach new career heights by helping them to grow, flourish and succeed in their careers.
The Power of Female Mentorship
Allergan filmed this inspiring piece of content at TEDWomen 2016 to better understand how the important the role of Mentorship is to women.
Duration :  3:53
TMI Journey
And where we are aiming to go, with your help.

July 2021
TMI projected to help more than 500 Women
TMI will establish prominent presence in the global women’s mentoring network and help more than 500 women around the world to better their career path and development.
March 2020
TMI Mentor Network to Reach 100
The internal TMI network of mentors projected to reach over 100.
November 2019
Public Launch
The public launch of TMI, where the platform and TMI services were made available to the public.